Finding Hope

You used to love life. But now, every morning you wake to the knowledge that another day of suffering is here. How can you survive? Will you survive?
You are not simply travelling through a desert, nor wandering the depths of a valley. The glare of the sun on the sand alternates with the utter blackness of the starless valley. Night or day new anguish arises.
My friend, in this tribulation may you find hope. The Wild Rose Journal was created to point your eyes above the endless sand to the blue sky. It exists to encourage hurting people to open their eyes to the beauty in life, the hope in Heaven, and the little joys filling the space between. Here you will find empathy that soothes your soul, poems that give new insight on old truths you’d forgotten, stories of hope and overcoming, and essays on surviving that remind you one day you will thrive.
Those whose throats have been parched alone know the worth of water. In the same way, suffering, loneliness, depression, and trials of all kinds force us to turn to the source of replenishment. I pray that the content here on the Wild Rose Journal will lead you toward the Lover of your soul and Bearer of your sorrow.