Wild Rose Journal Vision

The Wild Rose Journal is a place where anyone struggling through a trial can find refreshment. Whatever your wasteland looks like, may you find directions to the crystal spring of hope. The Wild Rose Journal seeks to encourage hurting people to open their eyes to the beauty in life, the hope in Heaven, and the little joys filling the space between.

Words have the power to change us and remind us of what we once knew. As you scroll through the stories, poems, and essays here, let the dust be washed off your mind, so you can see truth clearly.

Bethany, Wild Rose Journal founder and chronic illness fighter, hopes this is place of peace. In that interest, she asks that all disputes be handled with love. This blog is dedicated to her Master and Lord, Jesus Christ, and everything she writes and posts is meant to encourage you to turn to Him. She understands not everyone shares her views, but she lovingly desires all to see the good plan of our gracious God to redeem His wandering people and restore them to His love. She believes passionately that because of Christ’s suffering on our behalf, our path here on earth is nothing but meaningless. Feel free to question her about how your wrongdoing can be surrendered and your heart be filled with a wild love of your Maker.

Every article, story, poem, or essay collected on the Wild Rose Journal is meant to bless you and remind you of the hope we can have. If a piece touches your heart, please tell us! Many of us know fellow sufferers. Please direct them to the wildrosejournal.com so they may be encouraged too.