What I Believe

Wandering around the words strewn about here, you might wonder what I actually believe about the world.

First, I am a Christian, saved by grace alone, faith alone, in Christ alone, by the Gospel as revealed in Scripture alone, for the glory of God alone. If you would like to question me about what I mean by this, please do!

I believe the fall of man, suffering, and Satan’s power on this earth is allowed by God in His sovereignty that He might manifest grace on humankind. I also believe a correct understanding of theology is of paramount importance as we seek to understand the great questions of suffering.

However, I do not believe by any stretch that I have yet reached a complete understanding of suffering or the Bible’s teachings. I am not a theologian or pastor; therefore, I submit in matters of doctrinal dispute to my father and my church elders. I am still young and learning, and I am so grateful for the shepherds God has placed in my life. At the same time, I am still responsible for any errors present here. I am not perfect and may at any time realize something I said isn’t quite biblically accurate and hence will remove the post from the Wild Rose Journal.

Furthermore, I am a young lady. I do not seek to instruct or guide any man. God may use me to encourage you, but I do not wish to become your teacher, men. You are still, of course, welcome here, but please keep in mind as you peruse what I have written that the main audience I write for are young ladies.