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Keep Straight (Poem)

Plunge into the


Straight ahead

The wind will cut

And the ice chill

But keep straight ahead.

Snows drives

Latching onto tree and bush.

Your hair greys

Not with time

But by frozen water.

Your shoulders ache

Your feet throb

And your mind pleads

For rest

But you keep straight

Ever onward.

The leaves caught

Still green

Muddy and stiffen

With the cold.


Of snow slick your path

Will this obstruct your way?

No, for you

Will keep ever straight

And ever



Don’t ever stop racing, walking, crawling toward the Light, even when snow blinds or darkness shades your eyes.

2 thoughts on “Keep Straight (Poem)

  1. This is honest and beautiful. I really like your verb choices-they really drove the action. And I LOVE free-verse poetry (I love all types of poetry)! I can’t wait until I get a break from school and have time to write and edit unfinished work. I miss it. Question: where do you get your pictures from? They’re all really pretty and match your post themes well! Keep it up!

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