Hope In Heaven

You Have Worth

Hopeless, heartless, the bleakness of tomorrow mixing with the despair of today-will it ever end? The brokenness of this world cuts into your soul and those tears you want to cry never rise past that horrible lump in your throat.

Whatever has happened to you, I want to you know this truth: you have worth. Whoever has hurt you, whatever you’re going through, whatever you’ve done-you have worth.

How can I make such a blanket statement? I don’t know what you’re going through.

True. I don’t. But I know something grander that trumps every human circumstance. Something that changes the entire chemistry of our existence and valuing system as humans.

No, it isn’t some platitude that tries to reassure you that you’re good enough. I won’t deny the ugly truth-all of us have done great wrong and deserve to die.

But I will declare this greater truth.

You have worth.

Why? How?

The value isn’t something inherent in you. It isn’t because of some talent you possess or some great feat you’ve accomplished. Rather, it is a value that is placed upon your life.

It is because Someone choose to love you.

It is because Someone chose to price the redemption of your life at the cost of the death of His own most precious Son.

You do realize that God set up our universe and the way it works. He could have chosen to redeem us some other way. But God priced payment for sin at the very highest cost.

Ponder that for a moment.

That should change your perspective in two ways.

One-your life was valued by your Creator at the very highest price. He chose to die for you in the most horrible way imaginable. He chose to orchestrate the world so the payment for sin would require His death. He didn’t have to do that. But He did.

Two-your sin was weighed and the only equivalent worthy of its payment was the death of the King of the universe. That should change the way we view sin. It is serious, no matter how “petty” it seems. Sin deserves death. Jesus’ death shows both the gravity of sin-the Son of God’s death was for atonement-but it also shows the depth of God’s love.

Pondering these things should make us realize that our only worth comes from what God placed upon us. Therefore, our purpose in living is to glory in our God-to revel in His goodness, to seek Him, to know His heart, to love Him, to obey Him.

Because of Christ your life has greater value than you could ever fathom. When you meditate on this rich truth, you awaken to the beauty of the gospel and its life altering properties. No longer must you submit to the pangs of self-doubt. Your value doesn’t lie in you or what you accomplish, therefore, you are free to serve God out of love and not obligation.

Breathe this truth in. Let that hopeless feeling fade as you dwell on the hope stored up for you. Let go of the worry and anxiety and trust that Jesus has truly forgiven you. Catch hold of the promise of grace through the trials.

When smoke blackens the light at the end of the tunnel, remember that the light is still there. When the sky disappears and you wonder if it is a memory or an imagining, know this: God may not reveal His purposes right now. But we will look back someday and see that His wisdom was directing each step of the way.

For now, cling to this promise: “He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?” Romans 8:32

He will not always give you what you think you need, but what is far more precious-he will give you Himself. Rest in the worth He has placed upon you. Rest in Him.

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