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Emiline Mine (Poem)

was it forlornity

i saw in your skittish cat eyes?

maybe beyond your whiskers

there was sadness

that matched



is it lovelornity

i see in your smiling cat eyes?

maybe in your pretty white paws

there is happiness

that matches



5 thoughts on “Emiline Mine (Poem)

  1. Very cute! Are you mimicking a particular style (I don’t know why, but it made me think of Irish or Scottish poetry)? It also makes me sad because we just lost our cat unexpectedly on Friday. He was such a sweetheart, and he was actually rather young. I love cats. They are my very favorites. 😊

    1. Thanks! To be honest my style is developing still. I’ve been devouring Mary Oliver, but this poem was written before I read any of her work. 🙂
      Do you have any books of poetry you’d recommend?
      Awww, I’m sorry! <3

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