Hope In Heaven

The Future Of Wild Rose Journal

Hello, reader! It has been some time since I’ve shared with you!

In that time, I’ve struggled deeply, and been rewarded with the blessings God gives those who fight for their faith. I have an article that I’ve wanted to share with you for a long time, but the timing hasn’t been quite right.

However, I realized I should let you know that I am still writing and sharing regular encouragement. If you’ve ever been blessed by something I’ve written, you’d probably be very encouraged by the ministry I lead, The Wilting Rose Project. I’ve written three articles, and I’d love for them to bless you!

The first piece explains that while life may bring circumstances and doubts that make you feel wilted, you are never worthless. Read You Are Not Worthless, Even If You Feel Wilted to be reminded of where we can find worth that far surpasses our own.

The second is one very close to my heart. Throughout my illness, I have been deeply lonely. Strangely enough, I found that this very loneliness forced me to draw near to God. If you are in a season of loneliness, read Are You Lonely? Draw Near To God to learn how we can let God redeem our loneliness.

The third one was a very special piece. Written quickly and under some stress, I didn’t expect much from it. Yet I poured my heart into it.

I had heard far too many girls lamenting over who God made them to be. It wasn’t just their sin nature they hated, but their very personalities and bodies! Self-hatred something a simple “self-esteem” pep talk couldn’t help. So I poured all of my frustrations with the culture of self-hatred, and everything I wanted to say to each young lady who struggles to accept herself into if. To be reminded that God loves who He made you to be, read Don’t Hate Yourself-God Loves You.

Another place I share regular encouragement is my Instagram @wildrosejournal.) I often talk about how my love of the forest helped me heal from Lyme disease. This is an encouraging place, somewhere I talk about the beauty of life.

So, what is the future of Wild Rose Journal? I founded this blog to encourage hurting hearts, but I always thought it was more than just a place to talk about the pain of the world. I always wanted to talk about the beauty God put in the world, the beauty that gives us just a glimpse into who He is.

I would love to start writing regularly for this blog again, but instead of making a promise and then breaking it, I’m just going to promise that I will share occasional pieces that didn’t have a home elsewhere, pieces about healing, hope, and Heaven.

About the wild roses we find, even in the worst of places.

I invite you along with me for the ride, friend! If you haven’t followed this blog, I’d definitely encourage you to do that!

How has God taught you about the wonder in the wilderness, friend? I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you in the comments!

What did you think?